Home buying in The Netherlands

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How to get a mortgage in The Netherlands

How to apply for a mortgage

If you want to buy a house, you want to know what you can borrow and what it costs per month. Your mortgage advisor can advise

Now that you know what your budget, it’s time to talk to the real-estate agent. He/She can help you to find your dreamhome.

Now you have reached agreement on the purchase price, it is time to sign the contract. After signing the contract, you have three days to change your mind.

This is an important step when purchasing a home. Finance and insurance are in fact non-current liabilities.

When funding is round, the notary goes to work. The notary ensures that include the property will be placed in your name.

What do you need

The application is successful when all requested information is known to the bank and are appropriate within the (lending) standards that the bank applies.

Annual statement

Overview expenses

Employer’s declaration

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Mortgage types in The Netherlands

Because of government regulations, the choice in mortgage types has been greatly reduced in recent years.

If you are planning on buying for the first time, you will get an annuity mortgage. Your monthly costs will exist in the first years mainly of interest and a small amount for repayment.
In due time it will be the other way around.

When you have a linear mortgage your monthly repayment stays the same in time.
At the start of your mortgage you will pay interest on your loan and your linear repayment.
In time you will pay less interest, because you have repaid a large part of your mortgage.

In the Netherlands the interest you pay on your mortgage is tax deductible.
The costs for your mortgage advisor are also deductible.

Calculate how much you can borrow

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